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7 Distinctive Benefits Of DMS Software In Sales And Distribution Management

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For manufacturers and distributors, apart from advertising and promotional campaigns, the analysis, formation, and effective development of distribution systems are also of vital importance. Accordingly, to increase product coverage and capture shoppers’ attention at the outlets, enterprises need to invest resources in studying closely the supply chain, outlet characteristics, shopping behavior, competitors’ profiles etc. before determining the suitable distribution management strategies and budgets.

In the process of operating the distribution channel, management tend to encounter particular sales and distribution difficulties, for example: How to update sales and distribution information accurately in real time? Is there a feasible approach to automating sales tasks for sales representatives, so that they can save time to take care of even more outlets? Are transactional data secure enough? Which tools can help corporate leaders conveniently access business reports at their disposal?

Sales route optimization for salesmen is one of the top priorities for management. Source: DMSpro

Previously, companies applying manual management models which are heavy in paperwork, or those only relying on certain inflexible, incoherent software said that they wasted significant time and resources, yet still not achieving the desired results.

However, as the emerging trends indicate, the DMS software (Distribution Management System) has become a well-known choice for manufacturing and distributing businesses in Vietnam, especially DMS software built on world-class ERP standards such as SAP Business One (Germany) or Acumatica (USA). Inheriting from the powerful, stable, flexible, and highly secure technological platform, DMS is increasingly being capitalized on by enterprises as a “strategic weapon” to activate growth and maximize sales and distribution management effectiveness.

“The DMS software supported Nhat Nhat Pharmaceutical Company to manage sales outlets and trade marketing programs effectively, upgrade salesmen’s skillset, thereby visibly improving business results”, said Mr. Nguyen Quang Phi Tin, National Sales Director of Nhat Nhat about the DMS software of DMSpro – the pioneer to provide cloud-based DMS solutions in Vietnam. Similarly, Ms. Tran Thi Hong Trang – CEO of Dac Hung, the exclusive distributor of P&G’s products in Tay Nguyen and Ninh Thuan remarked: “The S.DMS (Powered by SAP Business One) solutions implemented by DMSpro helped Dac Hung remove manual sales tasks, calculate promotions accurately, and control all activities in the distribution channel with ease.”

>>> There are 7 reasons why the DMS software (Distribution Management System) of DMSpro is your ultimate solution:

100%: The level of integrity, accuracy, and instantaneity of data throughout the distribution system that the DMS software offers enterprises. Consequently, management can visually grasp sales performance and market changes 24/7 from anywhere

3 – 5 minutes: The time for sales representatives to prepare start-of-day sales information thanks to the DMS software. In the past, it would take salesmen almost 50 – 60 minutes per day to take part in team meetings, report on work progress against sales KPIs, update price lists and new promotion schemes, arrange advertising materials, and make customer visit plans, etc. in a manual style

> 2000: The number of users per company that can simultaneously access the DMS system, including the entire sales force, distributors’ accountants, sales and company management personnel, etc. Each user’s authority in the system will be segregated properly according to the enterprise’s specific requirements

6: The layers of security in the DMS system, ensuring all business data of the manufacturers and distributors are absolutely safe. These layers include: hardware security, data link security, storage level security, approach security, database level security, and application level security

30 – 35: The number of outlets visited per day by each salesman of a milk company’s distributor, right from the second month of having the DMS solution. Most noticeably, all sales staff achieved 100% of sales KPIs, and one member even accomplished as high as 123%

4 months: The entire period for DMSpro to implement the DMS system successfully to 230+ distributors, 1.600+ sales representatives, and 250.000+ outlets of a leading FMCG corporation in Vietnam

40+: The different types of reports generated by the DMS software to assist management teams in making informed business decisions. Said reports are always updated in real time and reflect fairly, fully, and accurately business criteria of interest to management


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