KAROFI Household Goods

  • Name: Karofi
  • Field: Household Goods
  • Location: Hanoi
  • Website: https://karofi.com/en/

Karofi., JSC is formerly the importer, assembler and distributor of water purifier system for multiple units in Vietnam. Thanks to the deep understanding of customers’ needs for clean and pure water, in April 2012, Karofi., JSC was incorporated with the aim to provide water solutions to protect the community health. Since its establishment, Karofi., JSC has achieved its strong growth and confirmed its position in Vietnam and international market with the right strategies  and orientation made by the Board of Directors and the Group.

To date, Karofi has owned nearly 500 enthusiastic and professional officers and 1000 talented and experienced engineers and workers, continuously provided with professional improvement training to meet all production requirements, including the most demanding ones. Its production system is highly automated on the modern line in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system. In addition, the factory spreads over 5000m2 with warehouses and modern transportation vehicles in the scale meeting the needs of production, storage and transportation for the national market and export purposes.

Karofi Water purifier system are assembled with the best components today. Especially, Karofi., JSC is the official and sole partner of Dow Chemicals in Vietnam in the strategy to promote the global brand of Dow FilmtecTM reverse osmosis membranes. This partnership is the most convincing evidence for the quality of Karofi water purifier system in general and the RO membranes supplied by Karofi in particular.

With the motto to be the pioneer in the technology and bring consumers ensured water quality, Karofi has launched iRO Intelligent water purifier system with intelligent microprocessors – the first breakthrough in Vietnam.

Karofi Customer Service Center was established in compliance with international standards. Customer services have always been focused, ensuring the criteria of Quality – Prestige – Dedication to meet customers’ demands anytime, anywhere in the most flexible and timely manner.

Currently, KAROFI Water purifier system are available at 3000 retailing points nationwide, representing more than 20% of market shares in the water purifier industry in Vietnam. In particular, Karofi products have widely penetrated into international markets such as China, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, the Middle East and Latin America, etc.