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Acumatica, Tan Hiep Phat And The Go-Live Ceremony Of Distribution Management System (DMS) Solution

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(PLO) – On 31 October 2013 in HCMC, Tan Hiep Phat Beverage Group celebrated its partnership with Acumatica, the global leader in cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. At the same time, Tan Hiep Phat also gladly announced remarkable improvements in its performance, mobility, and real-time decision-making.

Dr. Tran Qui Thanh, Tan Hiep Phat’s Chairman and CEO commented: Distribution management mainly focuses on the management of sales activities and stock display. The fact that salesmen are always moving around poses considerable challenges for FMCG corporate leaders, when it comes to supervising and maintain discipline of the sales force. Besides, enterprises need to assess incentives, commend and reward staff in terms of stock display in a timely manner.

“With the DMS solution developed by DMSpro on Acumatica’s platform, now we can control activities of salesmen and check on the number of outlets they have visited or not, as well as how many orders have been placed etc. Simultaneously, all stock display images are captured and sent back to the Head Office, so we know exactly our visibility at the outlets without having to rely on audit sampling like before. Performance incentives are also conducted in time. In addition, this online tool not only solves the above-mentioned problems, but minimizes “data cooking” and enhances accuracy as well, helping us keep better track of sales performance and the marketplace”, said Dr. Thanh.

Dr. Thanh further stated that, accurate and real-time visibility empowers Tan Hiep Phat to make the right decisions – from tactical ones on seasonal promotions, display programs, and customer service policies to strategic decisions that potentially increase the Group’s market share.

Together with DMSpro – Acumatica’s Gold Partner, Tan Hiep Phat successfully implemented the Distribution Management System (DMS) solution on Acumatica’s platform in just 4 months across more than 200 distributors and 1.600 salesmen nationwide. The system went live in September 2013.

DMSpro’s Chairman, Peter Pham elaborated: “Acumatica’s uniquely adaptable platform offers game-changing advantages that help Tan Hiep Phat sharpen their competitiveness.”

Before choosing Acumatica, Tan Hiep Phat was always concerned about the security and data integrity of its then Microsoft Dynamics system. Going with the browser-based Acumatica 4.0 Financial Management and Distribution Management suites in a hosted environment not only improves security, but also user adoption, said Nguyen Thanh Huyen, Customer Development – IT Business Partner Manager of Tan Hiep Phat.

“Tan Hiep Phat is the perfect example of a local enterprise that goes ahead in adopting technology. We and DMSpro are proud that Tan Hiep Phat has chosen us to support their continuous growth and maintain the market-leading position in Vietnam’s beverage market. Acumatica is growing fast in Asia, and we’ll continue to see more significant customer wins in Vietnam and around the region”, remarked Stijn Hendrikse, Acumatica’s Chief Marketing and Sales Officer.