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Distribution Management with DMSpro – Top 25 SAP Solution Providers

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With the Distribution Management System (DMS) software powered by SAP Business One for professional Manufacturers & Distributors, DMSpro proudly ranks in the Top 25 SAP Solution Providers in Asia – Pacific region (APAC). This honorable list has recently been published in the “SAP Special Edition 2017” issue by APAC CIOoutlook, a prestigious magazine known as the “voice” of the Enterprise IT community in APAC countries.

tap-chi-top-25-sap-dmsproHighlights from the “SAP Special Edition 2017” published by APAC CIOoutlook Magazine

The full listing of Top 25 SAP Solution Providers and an exclusive interview of DMSpro by APAC CIOoutlook magazine appear on Page 18 and Page 34 of the “SAP Special Edition 2017” (Or view the alternative HTML file).

Below is the transcribed interview that will furnish you with substantial economic benefits of the DMS solution.  


Most organizations, especially those in the FMCG and pharmaceutical sectors rely on Distribution Management System (DMS) solutions to drive topline growth. However in most cases, these systems lack flexibility and remain underutilized by organizations. Addressing this complexity now and in the future calls for a modern, integrated, and real-time solution built specifically for distribution management.

Vietnam-based DMSpro, addressing the need for a robust sales and distribution management system, offers cloud-based DMS solutions for its clients in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. The company assists its clientele in seamlessly managing distribution channels, capturing store attributes, executing market coverage plans, and upgrading sales team’s efficiency. The firm’s DMS solutions, powered by SAP Business One platform assist manufacturers and distributors in the APAC region to maximize their sales and distribution effectiveness. These solutions further enable real-time control of data in the supply chain and help enterprises to bolster the security of business data.

Owing to their innumerable capabilities, DMSpro was recognized as “OEM Partner 2016 Asia by SAP in the APAC region. “Our solutions are developed on SAP Business One platform and have two parts— the front and the back-end. We develop the back-end solution on the SAP B1 platform and the front-end solution is built on mobile devices,” mentions Tommy Nguyen, CEO of DMSpro. He further delineates that manufacturers and distributors leverage the back-end part, and sales people utilize the front-end mobile applications.

tap-chi-top-25-sap-dmsproDMSpro was recognized as “OEM Partner 2016 – Asia” by SAP earlier this year

The  firm’s  arsenal  of  solutions  incorporates  two key products—DMS Basic and DMS Advanced—that address the complexity of APAC market in terms of sales and distribution of products. With DMS Basic in their armoury, sales teams and sales supervisors can contribute to  standardize and  maximize sales  performance. They can  get all the essential information about the sales outlets and can monitor the results without the need for manual reports. The solution further helps sales teams to garner advantage over its competitors with small-scale distribution of businesses and through deploying best-in-market distribution systems.

For large enterprises, the firm offers DMS Advanced, a comprehensive distribution channel management system built on an international standard ERP platform. The solution enables businesses to attain real-time sales and distribution management data to make timely and accurate business decisions. Built on the SAP B1 and Acumatica platforms, functions that support its clients to improve their sales performance include Core DMS, Sales Force Automation, eRoute (Sales Management on Digital Maps), Visibility (Market Insights via Images), Vendor Managed Inventory, eCalendar (Calendar Management), Trade Marketing and Sales KPIs Management, Business Intelligence, and Integrated Reporting.

With over a decade of experience in deploying DMS solutions in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, the firm has established strong relationships with many prominent players in the market such as Samsung, P&G, SCG, Tan Hiep Phat, URC, TH True Milk, Beiersdorf, and Pahtama (Myanmar). Quoting an example of the company’s associations with clients, Nguyen mentions how DMSpro assisted one of the prominent beverage companies in Vietnam to obtain R.O.I of 8.89 in 3 years by saving significant operating costs of the sales team. “We deployed DMS solutions for 230 distributors and 1600 sales representatives of the company and helped them to attain better distribution performance within a span of four months,” adds Nguyen.

Since its genesis, the firm is committed to address the complexities of distribution management of its clientele, mainly from the developing countries. As a pioneer in conferring DMS solutions on cloud in the Vietnam market, the firm caters to the needs of various industries like FMCG, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, electronics,  household  goods,  and  agriculture.  In  the years to come, the company aims to be one of the top three cloud-based DMS solution providers in the APAC region and continually work towards the shared goals of its clientele.

Mr. Tommy Nguyen – CEO of DMSpro in an interview by APAC CIOoutlook Magazine


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