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Vietnam Amidst The Torrent Of Globalization: Wielding Technology To Take The Shortcut

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During the “SAP Innovation Summit 2017” held by SAP Corporation (Germany) from 6 to 8 March 2017 in Macau, DMSpro – the leading provider of cloud-based distribution and sales management solutions from Vietnam was remarkably awarded the “OEM Partner of the Year 2016 – Asia” title.

SAP Innovation Summit is a prestigious annual conference initiated by SAP for SAP B1, SAP Business byDesign, and SAP Anywhere partners around the globe. On the occasion of the recent event, partners in the Asia – Pacific region & China, including DMSpro were able to network, exchange knowledge and practical experience related to the most forward-looking information technology achievements.

dmspro-nhan-ky-niem-chuong-va-hoa-tu-sapMr. Peter Pham – Chairman of DMSpro (4th one from the right) and DMSpro’s representatives received the award and flowers from SAP. Source: DMSpro

The “OEM Partner of the Year 2016 – Asia” award is obviously good news to DMSpro. But more importantly, this accolade as well as the inception of SAP Innovation Summit have reflected the trends of information technology integration in our increasingly “flatter” world, and emphasized the use of technology to open up excellent chances for Vietnam’s economy.

Vietnam among the race for globalization

Delivering his last speech before the United Nations General Assembly, former US President Barack Obama stated: “The answer cannot be a simple rejection of global integration.”

The ongoing, drastic globalization could be attributed to the indispensable needs for mutual development between nations, and Vietnam is certainly not out of the game. Stemming from the Government’s open-door policies years ago, Vietnam has steadily become part of the global value chain via several bilateral / multilateral free trade agreements such as ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), Vietnam – EU Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), etc.

Globalization has brought about many benefits for Vietnam. In regard of growth rates, some economists forecast that TPP will help our GDP increase by more than 23.5 billion USD in 2020 and 33.5 billion USD in 2025. Additionally, Vietnam will be better positioned to attract a stronger flow of capital investments, access strategic markets more easily thanks to tariff cuts, improve manufacturing – trading competencies, and step by step be recognized as a full-fledged market economy.

globalization1Globalization leads to both opportunities and challenges for Vietnam’s economy. Source: Internet

It goes without saying that the benefits are accompanied by challenges that must be addressed. For example, the emerging “shift” of skilled labor from other countries to compete directly with Vietnamese, or goods not meeting technical conditions to be accepted for export. However, these factors will drive domestic companies to upgrade their products and services, adapt innovative technologies in the world, thereby firmly securing their market share.

When technology spearheads worldwide integration

Viewed from another angle, globalization indeed accelerates the flow of technology into Vietnam. Previously lagging behind neighboring countries in terms of technological advancement, nowadays we have begun to be appear in the “global digital map”. Technology is a result of integration, and simultaneously a tool that enterprises can wield to realize their business objectives. The famous Nguyen Ha Dong and his “Flappy Bird” case revealed that, a combination of technology and business acumen can lead to the door of success.

The process of assimilation and transfer of technology from abroad have contributed to enhancing local information technology infrastructure, setting the stage for cloud computing, GSM, CDMA, 4G, e-commerce, etc. Particularly, technology transfer activities tend to occur through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects, like mobile devices production line (Samsung), car manufacturing technology (Toyota), and most recently cognitive computing (IBM) started to be “localized”. These reassuring signals allow us the hope that, in the foreseeable future Vietnamese corporates will muster enough strength to rise above the integration roadmap.

technologyGlobalization leads to both opportunities and challenges for Vietnam’s economy. Source: Internet

Speaking of technology in the globalization context, apart from FDI channels, Vietnamese companies and organizations that proactively research and apply solutions by world-class information technology corporations continue to play an essential role.

DMSpro and its imprint with the S.DMS solution

Established out of the ambition to “technologize” the traditional distribution channels, DMSpro is the pioneer to introduce cloud-based distribution and sales management system (DMS) solution in Vietnam.

To attain this goal, DMSpro has chosen the strategy of “standing on the shoulders of giants” and in this situation, it is SAP. One of the only ten OEM partners in the Asia – Pacific region and Japan (APJ) of SAP, DMSpro develops the S.DMS solution powered by SAP B1 by adding, altering functions which are suited to the management models and cultures of different industries: from fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), pharmaceuticals, construction materials to electronics, household goods and agriculture.

Boasting a specialist team with over 14 years of experience in implementing DMS in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, DMSpro has proudly shared the success stories of many large companies and multinational corporations such as Samsung, P&G, Tan Hiep Phat, TH True Milk, Pahtama (Myanmar), etc. The solution package meticulously invested by DMSpro includes Sales Force Automation (SFA), e-Route, Visibility, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), e-Calendar, BI, and Integrated Reporting.

dmspro-nhan-giai-sao-khueLast April, DMSpro was honored to receive the “Sao Khue 2017” Award, category: Large Enterprise Management with S.DMS solution (Powered by SAP B1). Source: DMSpro

The mottos of “Placing clients’ interests above all else” and “Non-stop quality improvement” have been guiding every operational aspect of DMSpro. The management team is quick to seize opportunities granted by globalization, access modern information technology trends, and transform them into “recipes for success”. Consequently, DMSpro can confirm its status as the trusted partner of clients during the age of economic integration.