Solutions packages – DMSpro Jsc | Sales and Distribution Management Solution

Distribution system, in process of integration and opening , encounters fierce competition, especially at the points of sales. Therefore, equipping information management tools is vital for manufacturing & distribution businesses.

Unlike ERP, DMS needs coordination and cooperation of the business components outside your corporate to ensure thorough & timely information. Therefore, depending on the particular stages, businesses need appropriate management tools that meet their current requirements but also are scalable to the growth of their business in the future.

Based on the actual needs of the market, DMSpro provides the solution package as follows:

  • DMS Advanced: for business has a stable distribution system need to mange and analysis 360 information from the market.

dms advanced

Beside the fact that distributors can access DMS and use it for their general management, the DMS Advanced package also offers advanced features such as:

  • Evaluating image at the points of sales.
  • Managing display and loyalty programs and incentives payment.
  • Sales team advanced management tools.
  • Managing automatic recommended purchase order OR VMI.
  • Business Intelligence reporting (BI)
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