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Distribution & Sales Management By Technology: Individual & Inclusive Benefits For The Household Goods Industry

According to Ministry of Industry and Trade, the household goods sector is valued at 12.5 – 13 billion USD, and recent years’ growth rates are higher than retail industry average. This proves to be a much sought-after “cake” with products ranging from high- to low-end, domestically made or imported from Europe, South Korea, Thailand, China […]

7 “Talking” Numbers About Benefits Of The Distribution Management System (DMS) Solutions

Are you a manufacturer or a distributor? Do you wish to OPTIMIZE your distribution and sales management effectiveness, with reasonable investment? 7 following reasons explain why DMSpro’s Distribution Management System (DMS) Solutions are the ideal choice for you 100%: The extent to which DMS solutions help enterprises gain control over data in the supply chain, […]

Technologizing Distribution And Sales Management – New Color In The Alcohol Industry Picture

A vibrant economy together with a young population have contributed to the alcohol industry’s development in Vietnam. Based on statistical figures, this industry is enjoying nearly vertical, double-digit growth rates, and the alcohol consumption of Vietnamese people currently ranks 2nd throughout Southeast Asia. Challenges in distribution and sales management in the wine industry Contrary to fast […]

Vietnam’s Leading Fresh Milk Producer Transforms Distribution Management System With Acumatica

TH True MILK OVERVIEW Founded in 2010, TH Milk is one of 3 companies under the TH Group, a founder of the clean and fresh milk industry in the fast-growing Vietnamese economy. TH Milk owns more than 30% domestic market share for fresh milk in Vietnam. KEY RESULTS ·   Transform salesforce execution into world-class standard. ·   Streamlined […]