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How ERoute – Sales Management On Digital Map Wins The Hearts Of Manufacturers & Distributors

eRoute – Sales Management on Digital Map is one of the most prominent features of the Distribution Management System (DMS) solution by DMSpro. Let’s find out which practical benefits of eRoute have completely won the hearts of Manufacturers & Distributors! 1. Updating all market data in real time 2. Optimizing sales routes of > 1.600 salesmen on field 3. Capturing salesmen’s activities online with a […]

7 “Talking” Numbers About Benefits Of The Distribution Management System (DMS) Solutions

Are you a manufacturer or a distributor? Do you wish to OPTIMIZE your distribution and sales management effectiveness, with reasonable investment? 7 following reasons explain why DMSpro’s Distribution Management System (DMS) Solutions are the ideal choice for you 100%: The extent to which DMS solutions help enterprises gain control over data in the supply chain, […]