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Distribution & Sales Management By Technology: Individual & Inclusive Benefits For The Household Goods Industry

According to Ministry of Industry and Trade, the household goods sector is valued at 12.5 – 13 billion USD, and recent years’ growth rates are higher than retail industry average. This proves to be a much sought-after “cake” with products ranging from high- to low-end, domestically made or imported from Europe, South Korea, Thailand, China […]

FMCG Market 2017: Upgrading Distribution And Sales Management In The “Digital Age”

According to a report by market researcher Nielsen, the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector in 6 major cities of Vietnam experienced a growth rate in Quarter 4/2016 of +7.3%, the record figure over the past 3 years. Additionally, data from the General Statistics Office also revealed that, total retail sales in 2016 reached 2.68 […]